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Who are we?

The main objective of i4CT - Insurance for Clinical Trials - is to provide life science companies with the best insurance solutions to cover their clinical trials.

We understand that there is a real need for the sponsors of human clinical trials to find competitive insurance policies that cover their risk in accordance with local requirements. That is why we have chosen to focus on clinical trials risks only. Our goal is to become the preferred partner of life science companies wherever they are located and wherever they organise clinical trials. 

Where possible, we negotiate with several insurers so sponsors are able to choose the best quote without having to look for quotes from several providers: one request and several quotes, this is the way we do business!


Sandrine BRESARD

Sandrine obtained a degree in engineering in 2001 and a master degree in business management in 2002. Her first jobs were overseas where she worked for a research department at Virginia Tech, USA and also held a position of financial controller in the UK (Comap). Before launching i4CT, Sandrine was involved on large international IT (PwC, Capgemini), Supply Chain and Customer Experience (Rexel) projects. She has always focused on efficiency, quality and the highest possible use of current technologies.



After obtaining a degree in engineering in 2001 with a risk management specialisation, Frédéric held several positions before launching i4CT including complex risks assessment (Air Liquide and Axa), liability underwriter (Axa), head of an insurance broker company dedicated to life sciences (BiomedicInsure). Frédéric is also currently CEO of Audit & RiskSolutions and is regularly invited to speak during international meetings concerning life sciences insurance issues.