i4CT - Insurance For Clinical Trials
Online quotes, certificates and policies
for clinical trial insurance
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How does it work?

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With i4CT,
everything is done to simplify
the purchase of your human
clinical trials insurance!

  1. Register

    Create an account in order to access* i4CT services.
    Activate your access & set up your password
    Login to your account to launch your 1st quotation request!
    * access to services is limited until your account has been validated by i4CT.
  2. Get free & instant quotes

    Fill in a quick questionnaire in order to assess your trial.
    Get insurance quotes from 1 to 4 insurance companies.
    Save proposals in your open quote history.
  3. Contract online and get your certificate & policy

    Compare quotes and select the best one.
    Complete information required to edit certificate.
    Contract and get your certificate, policy and invoice online.
    Send us back a signed copy of your policy and proceed to insurance payment.
  4. Manage your quotes & contracts

    Have full access to your quotes & contracts history at any time.
    Modify your contracts (patient number, trial dates...) free of charge!
    Terminate the contract if the trial is cancelled.
  5. Notify a claim

    You can declare a claim online related to one of your contracts by completing our dedicated form.
    i4CT will inform the insurance company and take care of your problem.
    Follow claim status online.
  6. Contact us

    Feel free to contact us at anytime!
    We will answer immediatly to any of your questions regarding the process, the insurance, or any other topics you are willing to share with us.