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Best practices for clinical trial insurance
Clinical trials are everything but riskless! On January 15th, 2016, we learnt [...]
New Jarde decree in France
The implementing decree n° 2016-1537 of 16 November 2016 of the law n° 2012-300 [...]
Jul 01, 2015: New requirements in the Netherlands
A revised Decree for the mandatory insurance for medical research […]
Jul 10, 2014: New requirements in Romania
According to a communication from the National Bioethics Committee […]
Feb 09, 2016: Accident in clinical trials and compensation for victims
Le 15 janvier 2016, nous apprenions par la presse qu’un événement […]
Mar 18, 2015: How to choose your clinical trial insurance
Qu'elle soit suggérée par les Bonnes Pratiques Cliniques (ICH-E6), imposée par […]
Jan 01, 2014: New requirements in Switzerland
According to the Federal Act on Research involving Human Beings [...]
Jul 22, 2013: Medical devices on the EU market
The current EU regulatory framework for medical devices, other than in vitro [...]
Jun 14, 2013: Europe seeks to simplify trial rules
The European Commission proposed in July 2012 new rules to make it easier for [...]