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Our partners

i4CT delivers reliable and competitive solutions by providing life science companies access to some of the best-respected international insurance providers.

We know that when you buy insurance to protect your clinical trials operations, you want to ensure that your insurance policy is provided by a financially sound, skilled and reputable insurance company. That is why i4CT has carefully assembled a group of key partner companies you can trust to get it right.

These highly regarded insurers offer life science companies competitive insurance policies that comply with local requirements. If you want to know more about our partners, please find below a summary of who they are and what they do!


Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS) is the Allianz Group's dedicated carrier for corporate and specialty insurance business. AGCS provides insurance and risk consultancy across the whole spectrum of specialty, alternative risk transfer and corporate business: Marine, Aviation (incl. Space), Energy, Engineering, Entertainment, Financial Lines (incl. D&O), Liability, Mid-Corporate and Property insurance (incl. International Insurance Programs). Worldwide, AGCS operates in 30 countries with own units and in more than 160 countries through the Allianz Group network and partners.

We recognises the complexity of today’s clinical research environment. Our dedicated Clinical Trials underwriters, working in partnership with clients and their brokers, offer specialist insurance services to cover trials around the world. This can range from single centre studies to multi-location research programs and all on a life of trial basis. Backed by the unique combination of Allianz’s international network and robust financial security, we offer tailor-made flexible products for the clinical trials industry, delivered locally but coordinated centrally through your primary entry point for AGCS at your location. With an established reputation and proven capabilities, we are committed to developing long term relationships with clients and brokers throughout the Clinical Trials sector.

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Chubb is one of the world's largest multiline property and casualty insurers. With operations in 54 countries, Chubb provides commercial and personal property and casualty insurance, personal accident and supplemental health insurance, reinsurance and life insurance to a diverse group of clients. The company is distinguished by its broad product and service capabilities, exceptional financial strength, underwriting and claims handling expertise and local empowerment to make underwriting decisions.

Today's life science companies face a host of challenges in bringing new products to market. Ever-increasing regulatory requirements, rising costs and difficulties in patient recruitment have added new levels of complexity to the clinical trial process. As a result, more companies are looking to conduct trials in countries around the world creating opportunities for growth and a host of new risk management issues. In response to these challenges, Chubb in Continental Europe offers a suite of life sciences products to meet the needs of clients with global clinical trial programs. Our global network provides both unmatched clinical trials services capabilities in addition to extensive knowledge about the requirements of admitted clinical trial liability insurance policies, certificates, and regulations.

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Cutting edge businesses need cutting edge protection. CNA Europe is expert in all lines of insurance required by medical technology companies. CNA HealthPro has the flexibility and sophistication to help manage the emerging risks faced by innovators in the healthcare industry.

Our dedicated underwriting team works with brokers and clients to provide coverage that reflects the unique and changing risks of this specialist sector. As medical technology can face complex and unusual legal proceedings, our claims unit includes specialist legal professionals who fully understand the products and the issues facing these organizations.

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HDI-Gerling Industrie is Talanx’s Industrial Lines division whose main shareholder is the German mutual industry HDI VaG. The group was created in 1903. Talanx is now the 3rd German insurer. The turnover of the group in 2012 was € 26.7 bn, including € 3.6 bn for operations of HDI-Gerling Industrie. 22,000 people are employed worldwide. The company is active in more than 130 countries through his integrated network to serve its international customers. The group demonstrates a strong financial position with a rating by Standard & Poor’s A + / stable by AM Best and A / stable.

HDI-Gerling is mainly a specialist insurer. HDI-Gerling is the historical partner of the pharmaceutical industry, from top multinationals to small national champions. Naturally, we became over the years a major player for clinical trials for drugs and medical devices (invasive or not) but also epidemiology and physiopathology, the food supplements and the cosmetics.

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QBE European Operations is a division of QBE Insurance Group, one of the world’s leading international insurers and reinsurers. QBE employs around 14,500 employees, with operations in 37 countries, providing insurance to policyholders in more than 140 countries. We are also one of the largest underwriters at Lloyd’s across the spectrum of insurance and reinsurance risks. As a leading specialist commercial insurer and reinsurer, we are a team of highly experienced insurance and risk professionals who will work with you to manage and minimise risk. With hundreds of products and deep underwriting expertise, we can cover most business risks. We apply our energy and determination to finding solutions to even the most complex challenges.

We protect companies in the life science and clinical research sector against the cost of claims for damage or injuries caused by pharmaceuticals, medical devices or clinical trials. Our expert teams are recognised leaders in this area and can offer different types of covers. We work with customers in a wide range of fields, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, clinical trials, medical equipment, nutraceuticals, cosmetics and alternative medicine.

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